Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jose's Internet House Party

has an official location-

hit it up. live, learn, enjoy.
you'll be glad you did.
Peaches and Herbs,
Jose the Gee

Monday, September 10, 2007

I.H.P 108- Filth Flarn Filth

Well, I was hoping to post this last friday, but as I was nearly done

out this elaborate, epic blog, my page refreshed and I lost everything. I

known better. Anyway, I'll try to do a better job of posting this on

blogger or livejournal as well as on myspace. A lot of people complain

that I post on myspace...

hmm... It's been a while since I last posted. Frankly, the more time passes

(between blogs)the less I feel like posting. Shit, I think the last time

was before summer kicked off.

I'd write about my summer, but there was far too much going on.

From the gazillion freelance projects I took on, to my California trip,

Uberjam, Wizard World and after party.. and so on. At this point I

really can't think of everything that happened...

I do have a bunch of new artwork. Most of what I've been working

on you will probably won't see any time soon. But It'll be worth the wait.

I've noticed the blog has been getting quite a few hits although

the updates have been lacking. Awresome!

I've been feeling a little burnt again. I'm not

salty. Just a little tired. Honestly,

I'm really excited about what I've been working

on. Next year is what's up.

Trying not to push it too much, but I gotta make up for

the meager output of the last few years.

So, on to the art.

A little theme music, please?

I'll start with some commissions done at Wizard World.

I was set up with Mike Huddleston, Mike Bianco, and

Jim Mahfood. My crew is better than yours.

Mr. Peanut on a mini canvas

Polar bear X Penguins on mini canvas

Before the convention, I started working on drawings to sell

at my table (since I didn't have any print material available)

Douchebag from The Wizard

Donkey Kong

Mario Bros. 2

Wonder Woman

The afterparties we held this year (Friday at Darkroom,

Saturday at The Black Beetle) were off the chain. This

thing gets bigger every year. Thanks to everybody who came

through to kick off the dance party.

Big up- Pickel, Intel, Elevation, J.Lee, Mahf

Huddleston, Food One, Bianco, Carl, Blaylock

If you weren't there, you missed the debut of

DJ Cluepac

a/k/a Cluepeezy, ?Pac, Cloopdog, Cloopay Fyasko, Macluevelli

back from the dead to solve mysteries.

on the dj table....

Don't want to get into it just yet, but I just wanted to

show off designs from a couple original

concepts I'm working on...

Sheila, Scott, Johnny, Mr. Cruz and Carl

Davey Wurst and Afro-Brites

I'll keep you posted as news develops

(plus a few additional weeks/months/years)

AAAnd lastly, I'm sure you all remember

...Teen Heaven?

The first chapter will be done soon (I swear!)

Rather than putting out a 168 page black and white graphic novel,

I will be serializing it (about quarterly) over the next couple years.

It will be in full color. And as it stands, free.

Online. Unless somebody offers a deal I can't refuse.

I'm dying to get this story done and out. I jut couldn't deal with rushing

this out just to meet a deadline (and for little to no cash)

When I started working on it in 04, I found myself having to cut

much of the story in order to meet the deadline/page count.

I've had more ideas since then, so a limitless page count is exactly

what I need at this point....


limited edition jpeg of "New Edition" ADAM.

Right click and save while supplies last!!!!!!

Teen Heaven will be serialized in .Smileytower.,

an online mag that will also feature Deeds and

other art/stories
from me.

I'm hoping to launch it January 1st, 2008.

no. I WILL launch it 01/01/08

I'll keep you in the know. Cuz I love you.

If you check this blog from time to time, please subscribe.

it's free, it's one click, and you'll be notified everytime

I've got something to say. er, show.

Hope all's good with you, catch you on the flipsides!!!!



a/k/a- ?Pac


don't forget, all art on this blog is © 2007 Jose J Garibaldi

Steal on my art, I steel on yo face

Friday, April 07, 2006

New Scam! Miatches...

Chweet dreams are maitre'de (s)...


in other news- Ugh. I'm tired. I have this new routine (at least for the
next couple weeks) where I get up, go to work, come home around
5:30, go to sleep til 8-8:30, get up and get to work(at home). This
project romantic story is doing a number on me, but it is bringing
back the passion for drawing/coloring/et al... I just can't wait until
the summer.
Not looking foward to doing the whole tax thing next week. every
year I swear I'm gonna get them shits done early, and I never do...
To everybody that's e-mailed, called, texted, etc...sorry if I haven't
replied yet. I'm slow. I'm trying to stay in this work mode right now,
that's why I'm not going out for coffee and all that shee-eie-yot. I'll
probably break out tomorrow night, hit the beetle (as usual). Just
trying to save some dough, plus stay close to home. Once this story
is all wrapped up I'll be oot and aboot again.

Jose G

Oh! New ish of Mad Kids (Zack & Cody (w.t.fuck?) cover) should
be out. Go get it. If it's not out, buy the last issue (I'm sure none of
you test tube babies got it yet!)

All content is 2006 Jose J Garibaldi, meetches!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Scam! 03/31/06 and more...

New scam! this weekend.
Don't worry,  I don't get it either...

here's a couple more images for you to chew on, nothing big..

and somefin new..

say shhhhhh..

anyway, the weather is beautiful here in Chicago. It lifts the spirits. Hope all of you have a good weekend, and throw a barbeque or two..


contents of this blog are 2006 Jose Garibaldi.
legally I could probably (not) break your thumbs if you repost
or reprint any of this without my permission. But I'm nice, I swear!! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's been a long time...

... Well, not really. I've been updating my Myspace blog quite regularly over the past year or so. New sketches, new news, etc, etc....
You could check it out here:
Jose's Myspace Internet Party
It's a public blog, so all are welcome to view it. Though I'm pretty sure you need an account to post comments.
Other than that, just staying busy.
I'm going to try to update this blog, Myspace and a livejournal account (I signed up so I could comment on Paul Dini's blog..)simultaneously. Just to get my work out there... I'm reaching out to all camps. Blogger, LJ, Myspace, whatever. Nuthin but love..

P.S. here's some of what I've been up to. Enjoy.

all images are copyright 2006 Jose Garibaldi.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Hip Hop For Hunger 11/24/04 @ The Metro

Reverse Presents:

The Metro
3730 N. Clark
Chicago, IL 60613
(Two blocks North of Wrigley Field)

Phone: 773-549-0203

Email: metro@metrochicago.com

Doors open at 11pm, Show at 11:30. (I know y'all don't have to work the next day!)
Tickets are $12 advanced, $15 at the door, $10 with 2 canned food donations.

Hope to see you all there!

The Metro: www.metrochicago.com
All Nautural: www.allnaturalhiphop.com
Jose Garibaldi: www.josegaribaldi.com
Corey Barba: www.coreybarba.com
Tim Seeley: www.devilsdue.net

Oh, and here's what live painting at the Metro is like, for those who don't know.

Taken during a show with MF Doom.

New Paintings

My friend Terry Barth came over last night and jammed with me on a couple new pieces. I'm trying to get into live art mode, so I don't embarrass myself at the Metro in a couple weeks. These are acrylic fabric paints on a type of hardboard panelling I scored at Home Despot. We whupped both of these up in a couple hours.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Jingle Belle #1

Dark Horse has a 4 page preview from the new Jingle Belle series I've been working on
Jingle Belle #1 preview

It's a four issue, full color mini series that runs from Nov 04 to Feb 05.
This first issue drops November 24th, and it features a Polly Green back up story drawn by Stephanie Gladden. I'm mos proud!

Now it's back to work on issue 2, almost in the can and looking better than issue #1

Oh, and I also posted an impromptu preview of "Is This The End Of Teen Heaven" my next project after JB. It will be a massive graphic novel (clocking in around 200 pages or so)dealing with the BREAK UP of Teen Heaven. It will be out next summer. More news at 11.

Teen Heaven Preview
If the link doesn't work, please cut n paste this: http://p197.ezboard.com/fsawredfrm11.showMessage?topicID=251.topic